The beach State: an introductory account

  • There is no such thing as a beach State.
  • The beach State is the no such place of the first landing of all things that happen to be instead of it; things which are instead the meaning of what it is to be, outside non-existences like the beach State.
  • The beach State qua beach is not a border separating two different things – for example, a liquid state from a solid one. Rather, it is a line in the sand born out of a difference: Oceanic flow and Continental stability.
  • It is the impossible border.
  • The beach State is borderline impossible.
  • The beach State is not a careful construction, but the effect of an action whose origin is not clear. It is a lack in evidence.
  • What it lacks in clear evidence and cared for edification, it makes up for in difference: it is the radically unclear distinction of an active and dedicated difference that is at the same time passive and indifferent.
  • It is the face-full second difference of active and passive being at once, and for all, one and the other to make either one or the other; the possibility of one as always already two at once.
  • A possibility of indistinction and the necessity of a possibility of indistinction.
  • Thus, it may also be said that the beach State comprises the action of the sea-salted water and the tree-making ground sharing an impossibly total difference. It is a separation that at the same time does not exist.
  • The beach State is the eternal border parting all things from the significant contradiction under which they are put together.
  • In this instance, it signifies the only vertical border that has never been put in place.
  • The beach State is an action ground, but it is not a grounds for action. All things that are and that land and that land to-be, and the land-to-be, are composed by the indistinguishable action of two distinct forces immediately involved in each other, and they land in the sand of that effect.
  • To reiterate the two forces: Oceanic flow and Continental stability.
  • The beach State is their result.
  • The beach State is a metaphor for this result.
  • A proper politics of language, otherness and equation is yet to be derived and defined from the ontological state of a beach State; and so is its ontology, pure and simple.
  • The beach State is the country of a country, the season of a season, where the trace that lands out of a contradictory movement towards a borderline difference keeps home to lines made in the sand.
  • To enquire into a beach State is to question the integrity of any shoreline.
  • To suppose a beach State is to interrogate for the possibility of a future within the forever non-border of the next state-ment of the beach State.
  • To mean a beach State is to get lost in the supposition of difference. To get somewhere in between the either or quantity of a landed thing.
  • To the future: more water.

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