How to give a name to someone

Separations of them and there is always that.

It does not meet

It is met


It is that and “that than that”.




They spell me to the signification

Not my text

Spill me of the honest, I try

It makes it all happen

We do.







But be honest

Is to be honest


Thrust dust

Left behind

Cannot be counted

Is counted on


That moment when it starts

Is a jump on the one that just ended

A beginning is a premature climax

The only way everything could have started


Spelt me

Not felt

I feel that

That and that


It is than that

But that


But staying by yourself is having all of yourself

To yourself

To do that


Make your own population

Or populations are made

It is being made

When it starts

We are jumping


0 populated


Be honest

It cannot not be disrespectful


But honesty is a Respect


We kill everyone

All the time



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