If she falls

I chasm, too

To save her;


Within touch

I drop further

Making hers not look as bad.


If she falls

I chasm, two

Also saving her


From my touch

That would have held her further

Making it look even worse.


If she falls and I follow

It may look more obvious:

I have been falling for a while.


The Fall

To fall

From the simple sky of Hope

Homed by the creatures of Peace

To the mountains drawn by rough landing

And the pain of distance

Or simply understanding it

The surface of non-sleep

and second-guessing

The other side of the light


In stellar falling


To look up to the stars

We no longer belong to

Whence we had shone in hope

constellated universal

Now dropped broken

Now we question the light

And the answers do not put us back together

For now the answers exist

They constantly repurpose us

Because we have fallen

in Love


Because we have fallen

Into di-stance


(into the aggressive possibility of a(/another) person)