Even the even-ing of things suffers from the unevenness in which they first happened

On the fully turned out darkness of an even-ing therefore almost over

The ink with which someone pre-western setting began recalling the day’s form

Has to be exchanged for one that sits contrast brighter to the lunar suppression of most shaping

And where first reflections had been written in lights previous to the occidental collapse

The difference of a total shade now hides in the same no longer opposite in colour;

But once the oriental resetting of skies by morning comes, those letters will be revealed again

To which those of whiter impression nocturnally concerted will bright-on-brighter blank out

As day 2 is begun in full mourning of the One vision lost again through the solar transitions;

As someone restarts under this next sun, perennially indebted by the ongoing incompleteness of a First day.


The thought of the sun which

after the light

does not set with it

but holds candle

to the darkness of absence

and temperate sail

to the nautical night,

staying up

whether or not

a lunar desert

‘comes again replaced

by a warmer sky,

must not be mistaken for a lie;

is the uneclipsable fire of a human Star.

The Fall

To fall

From the simple sky of Hope

Homed by the creatures of Peace

To the mountains drawn by rough landing

And the pain of distance

Or simply understanding it

The surface of non-sleep

and second-guessing

The other side of the light


In stellar falling


To look up to the stars

We no longer belong to

Whence we had shone in hope

constellated universal

Now dropped broken

Now we question the light

And the answers do not put us back together

For now the answers exist

They constantly repurpose us

Because we have fallen

in Love


Because we have fallen

Into di-stance


(into the aggressive possibility of a(/another) person)

from Fire to Light

I am the fire that stops burning in the morning

In time for another day I will not see through

Rather the day of Time that sees through me

Empties me out, watered, passes through me

And spreads me well-lit across my emptiness

To be the night that by day will be clarified

A colder light which by Light is unrequired

Making me fire that will not burn into Light.