The haunting

Just as there is an order of time

to be observed

between the birth of something and its eventual end

there is another order

in equal merit of respect and time

extending between the end of something and a new beginning.


For those whose dreams of the new


the destruction of the old

beware that there is no expedient removal of the wreckage

and the form which it had held, badly or not

must also be buried, be mourned.


But in special awareness be that each

and every dream

is put together on a fresh slate

but to land, take root, encumbered must it become with

the eternal effort of holding ideal shape

alongside the ecstatic Ghost of history.


So, just as a seed takes its time

to grow

and show what it will be

does an end

insist on a similar patience, too

before it is understood what exactly might take its place.


A day ago,

tomorrow was today

today was yesterday

and yesterday, two days ago.


Yesterday has been yesterday’s yesterday for all yesterdays

Tomorrow tomorrow’s tomorrow for all tomorrows.

Yesterday and tomorrow have and will be for all days.


But, for now, all days happen “today”,

in the form of presence, only;

And all days are as of today

counted past, present and future, hence;



if these two-days-a-day, every day –

“today” and today:


today must be all days.