Purple, historically (the horizontal perspective)

Different things can only behave indifferently

for their difference is at stake,

their indifference, met by other differences behaving the same,

begets more difference, unbeknownst to their selves indifferent

next difference comes as a shock

a destabilisation

turns a simple change to ex-change:

the future presents without the full sight of its pre-sent property

this is what turns history on

what sexualises history

and a bastard is born.


The search for Genesis

that seeks the day before a birthday

comes as history makes visible

the Invisible

is at once the interruption and resumption

of an ever land-ing fall.


Where the fall is just the continuous bastardisation of everything.


The colours of the Fall (the vertical perspective)

In the permanent fall

Red and blue are different colours

one falls red, the other blue


Because the fall,

although permanent,

must at least sometimes land

otherwise it neither falls…


(permanence is not permanent

unless it can be some time interrupted

and then full Time resumed

the interruption that which makes it visible

with resumption later confirming what was seen)


…sometimes these colours will spill

on the surface of an interruption

and then they act on their differences

red flows out from its landing place

blue likewise from its own point of contact


there, on this sur-face,

red and blue difference is not just a distinction

it is an indifference of red to what is blue

and of blue to what is red

in logical spread they will meet

the faces earlier they distinguished

will clash

this is the violence of being indifferent in

a room of limited difference

limited visibility

where the horizontal shape to being visible

causes a movement of indifference

spillage, that spreads

goes on to over-take, from itself,

and does not change itself in that

but will be differentiated again


The encounter

Red clashes with blue


What happens?

Purple signals the resumption

from indifference to difference again

the interruption has changed

confirms that everything is falling

From strong Cause to mere Difference, either way Trans-modernism

I am the puzzle of a forgotten memory


just the presence of an impossible one


Either way, the process is always re(-)collection

to recollect a distant but motivated past informing the present


to re-collect the confusing terms of a present to build a more sensible future


Either way, being is a re(-)minder

a reminder of what of time now points unknowingly to a time before


a re-minder of how all time ongoing is but the repetition of itself without a full concept


Either way, there is a di(-)stance

a distance of time broken between past and present that reduces the latter to the former’s lunar re-presentation


a di-stance time put together by a difference that will never be caught by a single invitation


Either way, a person is a people

from the many possible iterations of a buried experience to the complex personhood they hold today


by the mercurial stand they cannot but assume from all the unstable difference perpetually flowing through them


Either way, the weather still needs company

the solar smile to wake us up from the ever-returning nightmare of the repressed


another half to complement the mere halves we rain down into at every possible moment.


Either way, either way.


Everything is the puzzle of a forgotten history


just the presence of an impossible one

The new Fall

I – Introduction with footnotes of poetry

Difference is not unequal in itself

Difference is difference,

Only differentiated by system

Difference is offset.[1]


A system divides prior di-vision

Di-vision just is,

But division opens and lands un-just

To divide in fact.[2]


Di-vision is the difference of people

Who differentiate,

It re-turns only that which is different

In to its difference.[3]


A thing is what it is if its difference

Is not not-itself,

Things must be indifferent to each other[4]

Re-turn to themselves.[5]


Systems and division are the same thing

Choosing which difference,

Their choice is unjust, is theirs differently

Is difference re-signed.[6]


[1] (Water is offset.)

[2] (To sea-son in fact.)

[3] (By its own weather.)

[4] (indifferent to other suns)

[5] (Re-turned from their light.)

[6] (The Water re-signed.)



II – Difference is anti-itself

Di-vision as difference stuck in difference

Leaves Difference without,

Difference born beyond differentiation

Sets a fall withal.


Difference is existence between systems

Between differences,

Difference before, during and after all such

Drops all such in time.


Within the fall a sure Justice takes form

Which landing upsets,

Even the most Just still lands unjust too

Still too unwatered.


Still, some systems do fail worse than others

Yes, more unequal;

Because di-vision can divide at will,

Justice must be willed.


Justly, di-vision should be self-a-where

Know its indifference,

Being qua being makes all what it is

Being knows itself.


Self-a-where-ness would be knowing made whole

S/C-iting a limit

Where the un-known means a Just loss of sense

Sighting di-vision.


Systems can only sprout un-a-where

Find their place, themselves,

And more un-a-where they survive themselves

More so they do grow.


Inequality must not be the end

Just the beginning,

Justice the meaning of its erasure

A-where of a Fall.


So, difference to fight difference for water

Di-vision again,

But henceforth not for division in fact

Di-vision, instead.


That is, a-where-ness of falling-always,

Nothing stands alone,

See difference in standing unjustly done

Start falling again.


Systems are set up ignorant of themselves

They know everything

And then failing all the same, they ignore

The fall they divide.


Justice is the will to avoid the crime

Of all division,

Seeking an a-where-ness of di-vision

That fails as it falls.



III – How to fall

Difference not unequal in itself,

Only when landed

Does it fall to all the injustices

Of self-made systems.


How-so one system unjustly divides

Different systems will,

Justice to be limited to this guide

To make systems fall.


But not falling for death in full falling

Each fall still falls short

Next di-vision re-port all it divides:

Difference, Justice, Fall.


The fall is not the end but endlessness


Difference being start, duration, finish

And repetition:


Justice or the impossible memory

Of fallen difference,

What just is justly falls in the same way

Difference for-gets all.


To let systems fall or build them better

All ways for-getting

Justice the auspicious anti-system

To bring difference in:


From behaviour but never in fact,

Falls into system,

Systemically fails to meet Difference

But just still more Just.


A day ago,

tomorrow was today

today was yesterday

and yesterday, two days ago.


Yesterday has been yesterday’s yesterday for all yesterdays

Tomorrow tomorrow’s tomorrow for all tomorrows.

Yesterday and tomorrow have and will be for all days.


But, for now, all days happen “today”,

in the form of presence, only;

And all days are as of today

counted past, present and future, hence;



if these two-days-a-day, every day –

“today” and today:


today must be all days.

I imagine Sisyphus less happy

If I could occupy myself in the same way

as the November leaf will fall

from dry weather steady branches

to damper days on the ground

and gain the certainty of such a short two-stage difference

made in the purpose of seasons

through the migration of waters

by the resolution of the winds;

not facing the disappearance of myself in prolonged detachment

nor over-reaching my needs against a flattened surface

but suggesting the appearance of time in a repeat movement instead

trying to settle the panicking of my roots

and the loosening this causes:

which opens the ground, bears me to my collapse;

so finding, somehow, a single distance between standing and falling over,


Then, perhaps, next November, there would no longer be a leaf to fall.