An answer can only be as good as the question that brought it about

A straight line goes between

Years ago and

Years to go

Split open by a movement that distances itself into one,

by the cancellation of the other


I am but the poor judgement of their difference


What I have left

What there is left

What was left

What I have left


It is this judgement that first-place causes a first-time movement

A movement always more historical

than the in-decisiveness from which it is set out

Which speaks to the poverty of judgement in fact


If only we could move as much in question

as we have done from our answers

Perhaps we would make the ends meet in some way

All time ago and that still to go

Not put together straight away

but in the distance of a more complex separation

Like the one that makes us loop

through the judgemental form of the line


How a person might still get away with things on time


If the movement of time is disjunction, the human moment is an opposite time

Humans put together

Time, which does not oppose this in principle, takes apart in fact

That is not to say that there are no temporal humans

Nor that humans do not work along with time

Of course, there are and they do

But the human moment, in time, goes anti-clockwise

It gives time more work to be done

And this way extends time

More disjunction yet

The human moment, in time, is clock-work

It gives work more time to be done

And this way extracts time

More conjunction yet

And the human moment, in time, complements time

It brings time under a binding vision

And this way constructs time

All Time yet

But for a time that a moment could never capture

These are only more things for it to disjoin

And it will

But also for a moment that time could never stop

This is something that a human can find time to say

Without much trouble

And perhaps the way that time will damage all work

Work can likewise at times force time to briefly disappear

Making a moment timeless

Even if there could never be timeless moments

But culpable me to not always meaning it

The things we really mean can only be said once

And what we mean will always becontinued to besaid

It is not about the first things we said

Nor the last

It is about saying never quite happening

Always happening

And an expectation of said

The only way to surface face its non-existence

And the outcome disappointment of this

More than just second part unfinishable of meant

Meaningful of meaningless,

We must expect the unexpected

Which will still make us miserable

But eventually mean something

Especially if we never quite get to see its end.

1.2 Difference re-visited (from the perspective of the trans-human)

I say Difference

Then I say the difference

And phallus sea

Is the difference that happens instead


I say Difference

Then I say Sea of Cunt

And phallus sea

Is the difference that happens instead


I say Sea of Cunt

And phallus sea me

I have lied to myself about the difference

And in the worst now made it worse than that


I say phallus sea, see?

And the difference this makes

Is the closest to Difference

Since I first started lying to everyone.

Triangles are made up

I only had failing rule breaking left to do

Before I could boast the full collection


Fail to do one

Fail to do two

Fail to fail three


I failed to follow the example

Then, I failed to learn from failure

And third failing to make some point out of failing

I could have been perfect

I could have learnt how to be perfect

Or thirdway taught a new perfection altogether


But boast of triangle instead

Collection without disagreement

Sailing facewards into fourth following

Another example of one of the many shapes

Although, itself, not taught


Not in the teaching

Will not teach itself

Failure of failure to be anything else


With all three parts imperfect row

I boast something that cannot be learnt.