The Fall

To fall

From the simple sky of Hope

Homed by the creatures of Peace

To the mountains drawn by rough landing

And the pain of distance

Or simply understanding it

The surface of non-sleep

and second-guessing

The other side of the light


In stellar falling


To look up to the stars

We no longer belong to

Whence we had shone in hope

constellated universal

Now dropped broken

Now we question the light

And the answers do not put us back together

For now the answers exist

They constantly repurpose us

Because we have fallen

in Love


Because we have fallen

Into di-stance


(into the aggressive possibility of a(/another) person)


How would you respond to it?

It was in a dream

And you were there

It was in a dream

And I was there, too

It was in a dream

And we were there, together


It was in a dream

And I was deep in thought

It was in a dream

And you asked me:

what are you thinking about?


In this dream

I told you:

I am thinking about the end

In this dream

You then asked:

The end of this dream?


In this dream

I said:

The end of all dreaming

In this dream

You took a moment

And then you surprised me


A dream

You said

Is a dream

A dream

I had thought

Was not a dream


A dream

You said

Until the end

A dream

I had thought

Of the end


In that dream

You let me sleep

Until the end

In that dream

I could not yet think

Of the end


In that dream

You were there

In that dream

I saw you dream

In that dream

We could dream together.

Another question

You are not thinking about this the way that I am thinking about you not thinking about this


I am already two thoughts away from what you must be looking at

Not this

Because this is what two thoughts departed looks at

This is what two more thoughts than that looks like


What is that?

What is that you are looking at?

Tell me what it is that I cannot distinguish in all the added thinking.


In my overthought head

I need help contrasting

The one-to-one thinking

Because I have broken away from it somehow

Thinking about you once, then thinking about you thinking

And finally thinking about you not thinking:


how you have not thought about this


So what is that?

What have I overthought and so overlooked?

Why are you not thinking about this?

Be careful how you handle the numbers

First, a lesson from the beginning of time:

There were no echoes

Everything that was said was said in the moment and said of the moment alone

There were no repetitions

Therefore there were no other moments


Now, the poetry:

I said something and you said something

That was one


I said something back to you and you also returned

That was two


The exchange is interrupted

That was three


I said something again and you said something again

That was four


I said something else back to you and you also returned

That was five


The exchange is interrupted once more

That was six


I said something about the interruption and you said something

That was seven


I said something back about the interruption and you said nothing

That was eight (knocked over by an echo on its way)

I want to find you somehow

I put my straightlines down

They are not a perfect fit for the space they join

And so therein segment a shape of their own;

Slightly out of place – for the most part, they look okay.


From the horizon proximity of the casual wanderer

It is hard to make them out from the better geometry of everything else

But with an ascendant break from the plain that carries the motion majority

Their odder mark appears more obvious and messages thus:


I am waiting for you to live

I hope that you love



I have put my straightlines down

And they are not a perfect fit

They segment a shape of their own

Better understood out of place

You did not write back to me

This whole situation is rather unfortunate;


Alive and well, you stand over there

You have looked over and seen me here.

Confused, you have to look at me again

Uncertain, and also not; still you appear


More uncertain than is the distance itself.


As well as well a decision had been made

Further away than we are now, but

Just as far away as this, where you

Chose to keep these things thus far apart.


Yet, your confusion has come across further


Than how I may now approach it in question;

Certain and uncertain, I start to wonder why

We do so badly in calculating our distances.

Indeed, it is all of an unfortunate situation.

Together, apart

If we can see two

Then you and I must speak

Because a person will be more than a number


If a first distance

Seems to be getting closer than other first distances

There must be more to it than the time it takes to say A is not B


And since you have started away from me

We must open and close there and back time and time again

Because, now, this closing distance, in all the distances, has to be re-counted


And I neither see further reasons nor need for them

We are completely excused from the longer action of staying away

As all other distances might only come and go to exclaim this one better


And, until then, still now, we must

Together, apart

Olive heat

Out in the head sweat wastelands

Of a Portuguese summer

You stand isolated and dramatic

The only green in a sunburnt distance

Holding up oil fruit, suspended from the earth

Where blistered feet must manoeuvre


Up in the ice stilled farmlands

Of a Lithuanian winter

You have come out of context

A single green in a snowcapped whole

Branching exstatic across an unmoving season

Where wrapped up arms hold out in hope


Near to the sea parted sandlines

Of my ever changing limit

You land experienced and unexpected

Dressed in green of both soul and name

Standing unchallenged in the taken space

Where the colour differences are not so temperate.