The peak of the peak, or the equator

[For better context of this poem, please look at: The peak (1st of Dec)]


Suppose that

experience can indeed be drawn

and counted in triangular form


and each person lives out their own geometric range,

where the angles and heights measure differently,

being of varied extension and sharpness


and, in that, even similar experiences

for people who are not the same person

will triangulate dissimilarly


so, each person’s going-about

is unique yet geometrically comparable

distinct yet always set out mountain-like;


Now, if all these individual and idiosyncratic textures of

experience were to be collated, put together as they have to be,

to make a single shape, a totally indicative form, would this


object of the experience of experience be one giant Triangle or, rather,

something more obvious: like a Sphere, marked by a unifying Equator

brining every high and every low to the same finishing line?


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