The return of the human

I see an empire falling when

its children put their bodies on the line

to hinder the outline of its advance


I see a looming collapse when

the empire’s new native, its own offspring

uses an untested power to squeeze the centre back


I see a dynasty drawing to a close when

it can no longer bear, despite itself, either in weight or idea

the quantity of its accidental spawn


But I see a World in motion as

those born within are ready to go without

tear down their inheritance in the name of a new heritage


Then, I see the myths of the empire coming undone as

it repurposes the language of conquest, terror and violence

to promulgate the destruction of its own


Which sees the true face of the empire as

something which was never “ours” to begin with

but the metastasis of a far more anti-human force


So, as I see the downfall of this empire

I see the return of the human

I see only humans in these children fighting for the dead and the unborn.


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