Welcome to the other side

Like monoliths, unmistakably


the centre of the ocean

and the core of the sun


the middle of the forest

and the kernel of the apple


are to their own weather

forecast by themselves inside their own limits

moving and repeating to what is their 7 days;


are Days of expansion, retreat

days of want, and weakness

days that end again marking and meeting with the otherside seasons

in which


an over-watered coastline ultimately embeaches

continuous space ‘comes armoured with layers of distance




a stable ground is only so permissive of standing

and heavy standing only so permissive of balance;


Like other monoliths, of course


so many centres, so many cores


are cyclones dancing against one another

form one total climate

whose outcome –

climax, if you will –

has never been successfully defined

by the one average of all their temperatures.


February 2020


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