Hierarchies are natural

The hierarchy of people in my world is as follows:

There are the people I love

The ones I know

And those I care about

The logic of allocation and of the categories themselves follows a set of principles, thusly:

  1. All people fit in at least one of these three categories;
  2. The difference between the categories is indeed hierarchical (in descending order, it goes Love to Knowledge to Care);
  3. Each category contains at a minimum the concept of its name as well as the qualities of the concepts namely of the categories below it;
    1. To be precise, the category of Love contains both Knowledge and Care; that of Knowledge also contains Care. Care is the fundamental.
  4. Minimally, all people are cared about;
  5. Love is of course the maximum expression;
  6. There are no other categories;
  7. “The people of my world” means all people of every world.
    1. “My world” refers only to the hierarchy I hereby describe, in which I receive and differentiate all people. Likewise, all people are all people: I define no hierarchy of a person per se, just in their reception and treatment.
  8. Nobody can enter or exit my world without entering or exiting the world itself.

This defines the hierarchy of people in my world.


January 2020


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