A side (2014-2019)

I have now, because I could die tonight.

Because the city’s shallow breaths contrast the intensity of the air within.

Because I have too much to glare, to bring, to throw.

Light, fight.

I carry myself alone in this room. And too much.

As much as I have done.

Trying to clear the air because every fight is a weakness.

I am stronger still.

Even sat alone. Waiting for it all.

I sit, breathing through the circulation, inside

different Ideas about the limits of co-habitation.

I repulse the same air, I give back the carbonic.

Gloriously unfresh.

It ripples through strings dangling before me, before the night, lacing my perception

Of everything tonight.

They waiver and intertwine against the breathy strength I proclaim.

The fight breaks out from here. I go between myself. And I am beside myself.

A light that struts anticipates and draws me.

As I wait again. Breathing a shallow air.

It performs me.

And even in mystery I have to survive it.


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