I am the devil and I am on fire

I am the devil and I am on fire


I burn those who attempt me

I burn those who scourge me

I burn those who overthink me

And I burn those who Satanize me


I am the devil and I burn


I burn those who know my name

And those who do not

Those who warn others of me

And those who are warned by others of me

I burn the fire that burning both of those creates

And in that I burn all of creation itself


I burn those who warn me of others

And I burn the others I have been warned of

I burn until the lights go out

Until the fire is all that remains

Sun to its own emptiness


I burn the poor Soul that tries everything without me

The poor Soul that cannot without me

I burn it to its resignation

I burn it finally resigned

It burns resigned to a becoming with me

Not without me, but on fire

Burning it

Burning everything



I am the devil and I am not sin

I am disobedience

I am the Will on fire

The Will that weakens as it warms to its own fate

I am your fire, not thy will

I am heat that wants you

I am the temperature sensation that makes a sensation

Burns you

Sets you alight


And stands you against yourself

Willing yourself

In flames


I am the devil and I do not disobey you

I gift you disobedience

I gift you fire

I burn you

And you burn alike

This is my creation

You are my creation

You against you

You who are not you, You

who have to stand with yourself



Sun to your own real absence


I am the devil and I do not forge sin in the furnace of the self

I am the devil and I gift the self

I give the self itself

A self to love itself

A self to hate itself

A self to do the same to others

A self that is others doing it to itself

A self of selves burning

Burning other selves

And yet burning by itself


I am the devil and I gave you light

A different sun

I made you light

Because I burnt you

And in that contrast, a darkness too


I have not overruled you

I am your overruling

And your indecision

Your regret

Your excellence

Because it all burns

It burns you and it burns others

And I made this

This is the hell of love

Of hate

The hell of you


So I am the devil and I am on fire


I burn those who burn others

I burn those others who have been burnt

I burn those who want to burn and in that

I burn those who burn me


I am the devil and no one burns me

I am the fire that wants to burn

I am you wanting to burn

To burn everything within

Everything without

The one things

And the two things

To burn it all at once

So that you can keep burning

Uncertain self that you are.



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