25 Messages for someone coming from the outside

Message 1, stay in control, do not do the things you cannot do.

Message 2, when you say something about someone else, make sure that everybody knows them.

Message 3, sit at the sides of the room when not standing, never sit or stand in the corner.

Message 4, if you find yourself in the corner, relax, do not move as soon as you have found yourself there, but follow Message 2 and then make a move.

Message 5, make sure that everyone knows someone else before you say anything about anyone who is not there.

Message 6, also follow Message 5 before you say anything to anyone who is there.

Message 7, never step into a room with less than four corners.

Message 8, accept that everyone is always behaving violently, so be careful and sporadic about when you choose to point this violence out to them.

Message 9, people remember different things and things differently, but do not confuse fact and fiction, evidence can still be interpreted.

Message 10, the eternal light of the sun is a fact.

Message 11, life is not always happening, so do not excuse out of control actions as once in a lifetime experiences.

Message 12, there can be no such thing as a clear message, but this is only sometimes relevant.

Message 13, Message 12 cannot be used to excuse any deprivation of the account; if anything, Message 12 should further stimulate the will to account.

Message 14, there is no clear reason to believe in Message 13.

Message 15, Messages 12, 13, and 14 will take it in turns to be the form to the idea that makes the most sense.

Message 16, in order to better understand Message 15, refer back to the second part of Message 12.

Message 17, thinking yourself into a corner is the more acceptable limit out of the two possible corners you can find yourself in: those to be found in a room, and those found in limited thought.

Message 18, all people are all people, and this means that we should know something, but it is rarely useful in the everyday context that concerns us most of all.

Message 19, do not do all of your sleeping in the night, and do not only wake up in the day, and do not simply reverse this order, either.

Message 20, do not work more than you sleep, and especially do not work when you cannot sleep.

Message 21, do not try to stay awake when you cannot sleep.

Message 22, falling in love once it is too late is preferable to falling in love too soon, although both situations perform the same tragic outcome.

Message 23, do not step into a room where you cannot count all of its corners from the entrance.

Message 24, whenever outside, never exceed the daily limit of five transitions between inside and outside spaces.

Message 25, make sure you turn every potential choice, every likely scenario and every unfinished idea into a best and worst dichotomy and discard all other possibilities in between.


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