The drawn out line cannot be held, held back or held up

Line out in the sand

Line of coast sanding

On one side of the outline

There is the coastline

And secondside a border


A line coming open at the water

Held to form against an extraneous State

Divides the water, keeps it waterfall

From filling all the way up to a state.


It is borderline

The border line

The bored touching distance

Of the unmet difference


A line that exists outlined between

A State that does not country any nearer to the thing that should have been said

and A water that waves goodbye, anyway.


Line them out in the sand

Line them up, there, too

Where they can be kept together

And the thing to do that might still hold itself up two.


An outline to the difference

Made waterfall

An outline to what it was supposed to be

Made up State


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