The Decade

Year 1 (09)

All things that may come in the earliest feeling

Live at the first sight of love and always leave

Before the sunset of their day, with their own

Light, within their true Love, and thus their own Truth.


Year 2 (10)

The evidence of a dream will interpret its daily limit.

There is a night and day difference to a proper habit.

A second need to uncover the name behind the dream

Will only motivate the bigger dream of the name.


Year 3 (11)

Relinquished lands relax tired hands.

That an emperor may handle civil unrest

A thought entertainer really entertain the thought

For fear all congeal in the thesis of statehood.


Year 4 (12)

There must be a Revision of not going

If going is not going to mean not going

If going is (also) not going to mean not-going

And this Revision must come from where it cannot go.


Year 5 (13)

We begin as always begun, from non-end

The end is not what makes us begin

But its absence at the beginning and also before that.

The end is always there, unready. This is what we Touch.


Year 6 (14)

Laying the earth back onto the buried once they have been lowered to the depth of their eternal rest does not repeat the surface of the shallow ground to the even footing it had previously had. The grave is its own country; there are no permissions.


Year 7 (15)

Does life reach a simple balance at half-and-half?

For example, half the time with the best of the feelings

And then half two with the worst ideas?

Or are these halves split tyrannies of an incompatible spelling of difference?


Year 8 (16)

The last time of something must be to be able to state a return

Perhaps something that will really never happen again

Which leads us rightly to question our version of a first version

And to inquire beyond that mystery:

If the expansion of the future could not hold it, what is it in the insight of the past?


Year 9 (17)

The years do not help us to report on the years

But there are all the days to the deception that both allows for and forbids such a thing

A time we might have taken even before the time it takes for such a thing

And as we eventually have to put all things back where they were

We find ourselves where we do not want to be.


Year 10 (18)

Nothing comes in first place like the beginning

We might as well follow time

Or it might just send us away

But I volunteered, I was sent away so that in time

Someone would not have to follow it.


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