On the origins of Something


It was put that the world would outlive

It was fit like this in the existence of existence

Something to be put around all the existing things

Something that might still live when they could not.


It was put in that a world would have to last

It was fit like this because of the end of things

Something that would not put the ground down in the ground

Something whose part in everything would not be a part, but everything.



It must therefore be, with wherefore nonexistence

A space of a name whether or not

With the intention to name whether or not

Whose intention is not the name, but a name.


And a time that is meantime show

Of slowtime meaning

So that everything would not happen at once

But all things in the owntime of something.



Yet if this is the world that lives

What might it end up being

For the existence of existence?


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