One account of Two people

I am some of the details of the good people.

I am another excuse for the bad things that will not resign.


I am some of the popularity of the person that could be.

I am part of the uncertainty of the person who walks past me.


I am some of the old greatness which has made its afterthought possible.

I am another contrast of the total thing that includes me.


I am some of all the strength that will have meant all life always.

I am another shape to the debt all life carries to the unlived.


I am some of the first people still undead.

I am another significant for the unpronounceability of death despite whatever.


I am some of the hope that will make a difference to what is.

I am another iteration of the fallacy of the new still unembarrassed by itself.


I am some of the truth to some people’s better experiences.

I am another sight to gaze the unaccountability of human inaction.


I am some of the world between today and tomorrow.

I am an early stripe of the aftermath to ensue from the horizons lost in the delay for me.


I am some of the unapologetic fascination for things that will allow the world still relived.

I am another reason why, for whatever reason altogether, the world cannot be put together.


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